THX On-Site Cinema Installation and Integration

THX Cinema Services is an on-site installation and integration organization for digital cinema and beyond. With a network of highly trained technicians, THX Cinema Services brings an independent resource to the exhibition industry to provide a complete support and maintenance solution to theater operators.

As the transition is made to D-Cinema and 3D, a theater operator must not only install new equipment, but also train employees to maintain the equipment on a regular basis. THX Cinema Services offers solutions that range from product installation to field training of cinema personnel. The experts at THX Cinema Services are skilled on a variety of equipment manufacturers and technology formats, ensuring dependable and consistent turnkey support.

THX Cinema Services Offerings

THX Cinema Services also provides a comprehensive set of services for both THX Certified and non-Certified venues.

    Support includes:

  • D-Cinema system installation & support
  • Presentation system maintenance
  • Digital advertising system installation and service
  • Site surveys
  • Project planning & management
  • Evaluation and maintenance of existing equipment for both D-Cinema and film
  • Audio system upgrades & calibration
  • CompTIA Network+ Certified
  • Recommendations for system improvements and efficiencies
  • Individualized booth analysis
  • Equipment rack assembly
  • THX certification & re-certification testing
  • Education & training
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