THX Spatial Creator interface



Intuitive and User Friendly

THX Spatial Creator has a feature-rich interface that is easy to learn and won’t bog down your workflow, making the inclusion of immersive audio elements simple and seamless. Plus, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in equipment or proprietary software to produce content in spatial audio. Grab the THX Spatial Creator plugin, your DAW of choice, any pair of headphones and start creating!


THX Spatial Creator being used in a home studio



Bring Your Audience into the Room with Virtual Spaces

THX Spatial Creator gives the audience the best seat in the house where they can listen to your content as if they’re in the recording studio with you, in your favorite concert hall, or a busy metropolitan night club. You have the power to create a more intimate, and unique listening experience for your content.


THX Spatial Creator's Motion Feature



Unique Motion Feature

The “Motion” feature enables the ability to move audio tracks in 3D space and add dynamic motion without the need for complicated automation. With the feature enabled, users can choose from a variety of movement presets, giving you the ability to add dynamic realism and cinematic quality to your project with ease.


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