Homatics Minibar 5.1: A Leader in Dolby Atmos Home Theater and Tuned by THX

Homatics minibar

LAS VEGAS, CES2024, January 8—Homatics, an international smart home theater brand dedicated to providing music and movie lovers with immersive audio-visual entertainment experiences, today announced it is showcasing at CES2024 the Homatics Minibar 5.1 – the World’s First Compact 5.1 Soundbar featuring Android TV OS, Dolby Atmos and Vision® compatibility, that will be meticulously Tuned by THX™. The minbar will be available in several configurations to meet Pay-TV suscribers’ needs. It can be a standalone unit or be combined with Homatics Rear Speakers and Subwoofer for an enhanced 5.1 home theater experience. With this product, movie, music and game lovers will enjoy Dolby Atmos cinema-grade entertainment. The minibar will also connect with smartphones, tablets, PCs, projectors, and XR headsets, offering a versatile entertainment experience in the comfort of your home.

“We are proud to work with top-tier industry partners, and we are committed to bringing tremendous premium content and the ultimate audiovisual experience to every home.” — James Wen, co-founder, Homatics

“We are thrilled to work with Homatics to continuously innovate in integrated soundbar and set-top-box for best-in-class immersive entertainment for the home. With the HomeClick 5.4.4, Pay-TV consumers will be able to enjoy a truly remarkable entertainment experience with the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos and the stunning visuals of Dolby Vision,” said Ashim Mathur, vice president, Asia Pacific Marketing, Dolby Laboratories.

“We are pleased to announce this device will be expertly Tuned by THX when commercially available. For forty years, the THX mission has been to ensure consumers should have access to high fidelity audio and video experiences where and when they want to enjoy their content,” said Jason Fiber, chief executive officer, THX Ltd. “Working with Homatics on this product and others with our Tuned by THX™ solution furthers this mission by empowering Pay-TV consumers to get home theater cinema quality audio.”

Key Features of Minibar 5.1

  • Eco-Friendly, sleek, and compact design, just the half size of typical soundbars  (600x135x78 mm, 2500g).
  • Dolby Atmos immersive audio for multi-dimensional sound and Dolby Vision for visuals with incredible contrast, color, and detail.
  • Android TV for providing tremendous premium 4K content and enabling Google Assistant.
  • AI-Powered Sound EQ seamlessly delivers Dolby Atmos, intelligently matching sound effects to content, with the flexibility for personal customization.
  • Tuned by THX for balanced, well-calibrated audio at all volumes.
  • Features Wi-Fi 6 mesh technology for seamless wireless connectivity.
Homatics Minibar with an ocean background

Top-tier Audiovisual Fusion:

The Homatics Minibar product bundle features an enhanced 5.1 channel setup, comprising a dedicated center speaker for clear dialogue and excellent vocal clarity, four full-frequency speakers, and a built-in woofer for panoramic surround sound. Additionally, it includes rear speakers and a 40W/100W subwoofer. Powered by the Amlogic S905X4 chipset and equipped with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio, and eARC support, this system elevates the audio and visual experience, providing you with a smart home theater experience ranging from 155W to 215W (Homatics Minibar 85W, Rear speakers 30W, Subwoofer 40W/100W).

Homatics has independently developed an intelligent volume system that precisely controls acoustic volume, reproducing every detail in the audio. The Homatics environmental virtualization technology employs precise acoustic modeling, delivering a lifelike and immersive virtual surround sound. The Dynamic Range Control (DRC) restoration technology ensures an optimal listening experience, coupled with bass analysis technology for a powerful low-frequency impact. Additionally, our EQ features Intelligent Sound Effect Switching Technology, providing over ten proprietary sound effects and cloud-based eARC recognition, enriching the reservoir of sound effects and elevating the overall user experience.

The Minibar also offers seamless integration with various entertainment service providing users with an enhanced home entertainment experience. Whether enjoying movies in EQ Theater mode for a cinematic 5.1 surround sound experience,News mode highlighting the mid-high frequency, vocal enhancement, or immersing in the excitement of live sports with the Live mode – the Minibar delivers a personalized audio experience for every entertainment preference.

A Game-changing Experience:

The Minibar, paired with the Subwoofer and Rear Speakers, along with ambient lighting that seamlessly synchronizes with your game, provides a fully immersive gaming experience. With support for the Game mode in EQ, it accurately captures 360° spatial audio signals, offering precise sound localization and allowing you to experience the feeling of being on the battlefield!

Homatics Minibar enhanced bundle will be showcased at CES2024 and for further information about Homatics, please visit:https://www.homatics.com/

About Dolby

Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) is based in San Francisco with offices around the globe. From movies and TV shows, to apps, music, sports, and gaming, Dolby transforms the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences for billions of people worldwide. We partner with artists, storytellers, developers, and businesses to revolutionize entertainment and communications with Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Vision™, Dolby Cinema, and Dolby.io. https://www.dolby.com/

About THX Ltd.

Founded in 1983 by filmmaker George Lucas, THX Ltd. today continues to excel at empowering great entertainment experiences. The company provides innovative modern technologies and the assurance of superior audio and visual fidelity that truthfully delivers the artist’s vision. THX offerings go beyond studios and cinemas to consumer electronics, content, automotive systems, and live entertainment. Its THX® Spatial Audio and patent-rich THX AAA™ (Achromatic Audio Amplifier) audio technologies, and world-class THX® Certification standards, help THX partners bring premium entertainment enjoyment to market in the cinema, home, and mobile lifestyle electronics. For more information, visit THX.com, find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and follow us on Twitter.  

About Homatics

Homatics is an international smart home theater brand dedicated to providing audiophiles and movie lovers with an immersive audio-visual entertainment experience. Our smart home theater products range from 2.0 to 5.1.4 channels, delivering true stereo sound and panoramic surround sound that transports you into the content. Our humanized design and plug-and-play products make it simple for you to enjoy theater-quality entertainment in the comfort of your own home via voice or RCU control.  Additionally, with our unique Humming EQ feature, users can enjoy a personalized audio-visual experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

At Homatics, we’re always pushing the boundaries of innovation and constantly launching new products and services to provide users with ultimate multi-scenario entertainment experiences and high-quality smart lifestyles.

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