THX Deep Note

Just about anyone who has been in a cinema, car, or live event knows the THX Deep Note. It is the deeply resonant chord that plays at the start of any THX Certified performance. The THX Deep Note was composed by Lucasfilm sound engineer Dr. James ‘Andy’ Moorer and was screened at the start of the 1983 premiere of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. In 2015, Dr Moorer refreshed the THX Deep Note and made it even more spell-binding for modern cinema formats. It remains one of the most recognizable sonic identities in the world.


Deep Note Score

Deepnote Panel A

THX Trailers


Trailer THX Genesis

THX Genesis


Trailer THX Eclipse

THX Eclipse


Trailer THX Tex2 Moo Can

THX Tex2 Moo Can


THX Amazing Life Trailer

THX Amazing Life



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