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THX Spatial Audio: Deeper Immersion and Incredible Realism

Give your customers the latest in immersive technology with the THX Spatial Audio Platform. THX Spatial Audio is an end-to-end positional audio solution that provides support and flexibility for legacy entertainment content, Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA), and emerging formats for XR and 360-degree video. Premium features like unlimited customization of EQ tunings, listening modes and genre settings allow you to create a one-of-a-kind product tailored for your customer.

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What is THX Spatial Audio?

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THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™)

Earn instant audiophile status with our highly rated headphone amplifier technology, consistently reviewed as best in market. Extends battery life while reducing noise and distortion to infinitesimally low levels: a must for the ultimate headphone listening experience.

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Infinitesimally low levels of distortion

Patented feed-forward error correction topology that nulls conventional distortion mechanisms.

Enables maximum output power

Enjoy greater dynamic range and sound pressure level (SPL).

Customize your setup

A convenient modular solution which includes power supply, and can operate from a single 3.6V battery.

Realistic, fatigue-free listening

Reduction of harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by up to 40dB.

Extended Battery Life

Minimal bias current and highly efficient power management to optimize and extend device battery life.

Scalable and flexible

Allows incorporation into any headphone amplifier design, with the flexibility to match the required fidelity, output power, and price point.


The THX Onyx THX AAA reference design product offers OEMs the opportunity to provide customers with the ultimate no-compromise headphone audio experience by delivering the world’s highest fidelity audio with industry-leading low levels of noise, distortion and power consumption.

The THX brand comes in many flavors

THX Certification and optimization enhance your product’s performance and differentiate it in the marketplace

THX Certified Consumer Electronics

Partner with THX from prototyping to ship date as we prepare your product to meet the THX Certification program’s stringent performance tolerances and hundreds of qualitative and functionality tests to ensure it provides an uncompromised entertainment experience.


Tuned By THX™

THX engineers tune and optimize a product’s out-of-the-box performance, given its current hardware capabilities. The Tuned by THX service provides customer products with a competitive edge when compared to other consumer electronics on the market.


Approved by THX™

Go THX from the ground up. Our reference design program helps manufacturers and brands build products that deliver a premium experience. We do this by certifying the crucial components used in electronics and loudspeakers.


THX Ultimate Cinema

A new premium moviegoing experience where movies look and sound their best.

THX Ultimate Cinema provides exhibitors with the solution they’ve been looking for: a branded and differentiated premium large format (PLF) offering which includes best-in-class video solutions from Cinionic, an immersive audio system, as well as room and acoustic specifications and an auditorium experience that has been calibrated by THX.



Expertly designed and verified to show movies the way they were meant to be seen and heard.


The Deep Note connects our cinema history, our present, and the advancements that’ll expand entertainment in the future.

The THX Deep Note. Give it a listen. (You’ll know it at once.)


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