THX Spatial Audio


THX Spatial Audio Rendering Engine

  • Authentic immersive experience when enjoying entertainment, sports, gaming and mixed reality content through headphones and speakers across a range of consumer devices
  • High quality general HRTF custom designed by THX engineering for optimal spatial realism
  • Flexible architecture optimally presents stereo, multi-channel, ambisonics, and object based content in a realistic environment as intended by the creator
  • Crosstalk cancellation technology with THX virtual channels and acoustic widening enables realistic, immersive surround experiences of content over stereo loudspeakers

Device Tuning

  • To provide accurate spatialization, THX designs a custom convolution filter to provide a neutral frequency response that compensates for non-linearity in individual models of headphones
  • To improve stereo reproduction, THX designs custom stereo filters that modify individual headphone models to approximate the THX Certified frequency response curve
  • THX DRC provides users with the ability to maintain consistent, audible tonal balance as the volume is adjusted
  • To provide accurate stereo and spatial reproduction over speakers, THX measures loudspeaker performance and designs custom filters to achieve optimal frequency response

Content Optimization

  • Specially designed content modes (music, movies, game, podcast) reproduce the size, reflections, and depth of THX designed virtual rooms to enable optimal content spatialization
  • Content modes and EQ settings are customized by THX for each customer’s product; they can also be made available within the application for use by the end-user
  • Custom game tunings allow gamers to gain a competitive edge with audio settings designed for game categories and/or specific titles. 
  • THX can work with partners to create a limitless number of sub-settings for music, movies and other entertainment content

Personalized Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) that are optimized for a listener’s unique hearing anatomy:

  • 2D image of the user’s ear is captured using the THX Personalization app 
  • Cloud-based deep learning process rapidly analyzes tens of thousands of data points derived from user’s ear image
  • THX Spatial Audio generates and applies a personal HRTF based on the user’s unique hearing anatomy
  • Download and delivery system applies the personal HRTF to a wide range of consumer devices, systems, and applications


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THX Spatial Audio technology is also available as a stand-alone rendering service to transform conventional audio soundtracks such as music or multimedia into fully immersive 3D audio experiences over any pair of headphones. This tool is perfect for enhancing albums, music videos, virtual music festivals, podcasts and spoken content, movie and game trailers, in-game content, social media videos, and more.


  • Positions sound sources accurately on a virtual 3D soundstage
  • Accurately models room reflections and reverberation
  • Moves hard-panned sounds away from the ear
  • Works with all standard headphones


  • Heightened realism and envelopment create an ultra-memorable immersive experience
  • Natural positioning moves sound perceptibly away from the head and eliminates listening fatigue
  • Accurate modeling recreates the natural environment of the performance so users are enveloped by the content and feel like they’re there


The THX Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing tuning has been used to enhance content at events like these music festivals:

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