THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™) Revolutionizes Headphone Audio within Sonical’s Remora PRO 

May 9, 2024 – Munich, Germany – Sonical, the pioneers behind the next generation of wireless audio and Headphone 3.0, proudly announces an innovative collaboration with THX, a world-class high-fidelity audio and video tuning, certification, and technology company. Together, Sonical and THX are set to redefine the boundaries of headphone audio quality with the groundbreaking Remora PRO. 

At the heart of the Remora PRO lies THX’s award-winning THX AAA™ (Achromatic Audio Amplifier) technology. THX AAA™ ensures an unparalleled headphone audio experience, boasting extremely low levels of distortion, noise, and power consumption. With its patented feed-forward error correction, THX AAA™ nullifies conventional distortion mechanisms, resulting in a realistic, fatigue-free listening experience that pushes the boundaries of audio fidelity and elevate the experience for listening over headphones. 

Gary Spittle, Founder and CEO of Sonical, commented, “We are thrilled to incorporate this THX technology into the Remora PRO, a true testament to our commitment to unlocking audio innovation. THX AAA perfectly complements Sonical’s vision of empowering users with uncompromised audio quality and customizable experiences.” 

“We are pleased to partner with Sonical, pioneers behind the next generation of wireless audio, in their quest to redefine the boundaries of headphone audio quality with the groundbreaking new device that will embed THX AAA™ technology,” said David Dever, senior vice president, technology, THX Ltd. “THX AAA brings to all Remora Pro headphone partners the best-in-class technology that yields extremely low levels of distortion, noise, and power consumption and therefore a superior listening experience.” 

THX’s AAA technology aligns seamlessly with Sonical’s mission to provide users with personalized and immersive audio experiences. Mark Wade, Head of Products and UK General Manager at Remora, elaborated on the integration of THX AAA™ into the Remora PRO: “The Remora PRO has been designed from the ground up to bring exceptional personalized audio experiences for all headphone users. By harnessing the power of THX AAA™ alongside Sonical’s CosmOS operating system, the Remora PRO sets a new high standard for wireless headphone audio. Users can expect unparalleled clarity, depth, and precision, ensuring a truly pristine listening experience.” 

Beyond its exceptional audio quality, the Remora PRO offers versatility and convenience. Its Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) wireless connection combined with THX AAA delivers an uncompressed lossless audio experience with imperceptible latency, catering to the demands of audiophiles, music producers, live performers, and DJs alike. Furthermore, its compatibility with all existing audio sources via analog, USB interfaces, and Bluetooth support ensures seamless connectivity with billions of wireless audio devices.  

Image: Remora Pro 

Anticipating a high demand for this revolutionary product, the Remora PRO is scheduled for shipping by the end of September this year with a suggested retail pricing of GBP £759 USD $949 EUR €890. Pre-orders are now open on the company’s website:  

About Remora: 
Remora is a pioneering audio startup dedicated to revolutionizing the professional audio industry. With a commitment to innovation, Remora aims to eliminate the constraints of cables in audio applications, providing users with unprecedented freedom and uncompromised audio quality. Learn more at  

About Sonical: 

Gary Spittle founded Sonical in 2020 to enable the rapidly developing Headphone 3.0 market. Sonical is building the platform for Headphone 3.0 that unlocks the secret potential of your ears using more effective wearable products. The team at Sonical is developing their own operating system, CosmOS, along with a dedicated silicon chip specifically designed for hearables running downloadable plugins. This will unlock the large number of app developers that have created advanced AI based algorithms. Their mission is to empower hearables manufacturers, as well as individual users, to select which features and combinations of apps they want to include in their new hearables products in the same way one currently chooses which apps you want on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Sonical enables App developers to have direct access to consumers to deliver a differentiated experience, exactly what they need, when they need it. 





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Founded in 1983 by filmmaker George Lucas, THX Ltd. today continues to excel at empowering great entertainment experiences. The company provides innovative modern technologies and the assurance of superior audio and visual fidelity that truthfully delivers the artist’s vision. THX offerings go beyond studios and cinemas to consumer electronics, content, automotive systems, and live entertainment. Its THX® Spatial Audio and patent-rich THX AAA™ (Achromatic Audio Amplifier) audio technologies, and world-class THX® Certification standards, help THX partners bring premium entertainment enjoyment to market in the cinema, home, and mobile lifestyle electronics. THX was named Global 100 2024 Awards’ Best Audio & Video Certification company. For more information, visit, and follow up on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,  X, LinkedIn, and TikTok

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