Bring the Cinema Home

THX Certified Private Cinema is an engineering-based program that evaluates and certifies the performance of home theater equipment and components in a standardized and systematic manner based on THX’s nearly 40 years of industry experience. The THX Certification process includes the structural analysis of the theater building, the verification of sound and picture equipment, and the overall configuration and commissioning of the playback system. As a result, the audience can enjoy the most carefully calibrated sound and picture quality, further enriching the movie experience.

In addition to THX Certified Private Cinemas, Tuned by THX and THX Reviewed private cinema options provide more flexible choices for integrators, videophiles, and audiophiles while pursuing quality. All levels are built with THX approved design and equipment solutions, and tested and calibrated by a THX engineer or THX approved technician.

*THX Private Cinema program available exclusively through our partners in China