• THX Ultimate Cinema

THX Ultimate Cinema

We’ve partnered with the leaders in cinema technology to take your standard moviegoing experience to the next level with a state-of-the-art dual laser projection system, large format screen, a premium immersive audio system, and content artfully remastered exclusively for THX Ultimate Cinema. No distractions, no gimmicks – just an expertly optimized environment designed to showcase movies at their best. THX Ultimate Cinema is for the moviegoer who appreciates the art of filmmaking, bringing the best in equipment and environment together to let audiences absorb even the most subtle of details in an elevated entertainment experience only possible on the big screen.

The World’s First THX Ultimate Cinema at The Regency Westwood Village Theatre!

This historical landmark of a theatre is home to some of Hollywood’s biggest red carpet premieres. Situated in the heart of Los Angeles and originally built in 1930, the Regency Westwood Village cinema boasts more than 1,300 seats, a powerful immersive audio system, and the latest in laser projection technology. Learn more here.