THX Standard – 35 Years in the Making…

THX Standard Video Part 1: 35 Years in the Making


THX Standard Video Series Part 1: 35 Years in the Making

Right now at THX, we’re feeling quite pleased with ourselves.

It’s the sort of proud, self-indulgent satisfaction you get when you can finally unveil a project you’ve been sweating and agonising over for a long time. 35 years long, in this particular case. Ever since the opening night of Return of the Jedi, back in 1983.

Regular followers of THX have heard our story before. You probably already know that THX firmly believes that – whether in cinemas, at home, or on the go – your playback system has to be capable of accurately conveying all the emotion and intensity that went into the creating the music, movies and games that you love. The THX Certified mark gives you confidence your system has reached that THX Standard.

There are many places you can find product reviews and opinions – such as professional and community produced websites, forums and from millions of YouTubers with a GoPro. Most are helpful, and many are not. But very few have access to the experience, expertise or equipment needed to make the meaningful measurements that can help you understand how products perform at every price point and various form factors.  

Although we don’t make or sell retail products under our own brand, THX engineering expertise has helped many top manufacturers create some of the best equipment you can buy. During this 35-year crusade, we have developed a suite of tests that we believe can help you better understand the performance and capabilities of home audio and video systems. So last month, we unveiled our own website called, unsurprisingly, THX Standard, which opens up our database of measurements to help you compare products, and better understand what makes a great home AV system.

We don’t really call it a review site. THX Standard allows you to see all our measurements for yourself, so you can compare products side-by-side and weigh features and performance scores against each other – giving you the opportunity to make your own, better-informed buying decision.

We’ve tried to explain what each measurement spec means (and why it is important) in terms that you can understand without a PhD. We like to point out that it’s not rocket science; it’s actually far more complicated.

As we test more products and add new product categories, we’ll try and show you the trends we see in the data we are collecting. We’d also love to hear what you think of the site, and things you’d like us to add. Stay tuned for upcoming posts and videos on, Medium, and our social media pages as we dive deeper into each category.

Ruben Mookerjee, SVP, Products and Services