Approved by THX offers the opportunity for top-tier original design manufacturers (ODMs) to build superior-quality audio and visual components that meet the high-performance requirements necessary to achieve THX certification.

Access to Specs
This program shares THX performance specifications with ODMs to jump-start the building of high-quality products that are capable of THX certification.

Leverage Expertise
Rest assured with the premium audio and video expertise of our THX engineers that your CE product components will rank among the best of the best.

Brand Recognition
THX is synonymous with high quality – let our brand be the tried and trusted guarantor of audiovisual excellence in the components you can offer for electronics and loudspeaker systems.

Benefits to Brands

Approved by THX components endure application-specific THX laboratory testing to predict their performance when used in actual consumer products

Accelerate Production Time
Using Approved by THX components accelerates product development and time-to-market while minimizing the engineering cycles necessary to achieve THX product certification.

Initiate High Quality
Start your product build with components approved for greatness to put your company on the fast track to an outstanding audio or video creation.

Using Approved by THX components cuts down the testing and rebuilding costs associated with getting a CE product right.

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