Global Events Roundup: THX on the Road

THX Graphic
Augmented World Expo – Munich Jason Fiber represented THX on a panel of experts at AWE Europe: “Immersive Entertainment: A Look at How AR/VR is Impacting Music, Film, Gaming and TV” .  AWE is the premier global event for new and emerging technologies in the Augmented and Virtual Reality space.  Panelists included:
  • Lauren Bedal – Senior Interaction Designer, Matter
  • Halvor Vislie – COO, The Future Group
  • Christoph Minnameier – Professor, Gamedesign, Mediadesign Hochschule;
  • Robert Young, President, CieAR.

Jason Fiber (left)

Attendees of AWE were also able to see one of THX’s partners, Osterhout Design Group (ODG), (on the show floor.  ODG was offering demonstrations of their soon-to-be released R9 smartglasses – the world’s first THX Certified AR device.  The device is notable for its large field of view (a virtual 120 inch screen), depth of color, and extremely sharp display.
Audio Engineering Society: Maximum Audio – New York Patrick Flanagan, Audio Architect at THX, presented an ongoing research project at Audio Engineer Society (AES) NY.  Patrick presented an overview of the research he is leading in conjunction with researchers at NYU.  Entitled “Evaluation of Binaural Renderers: A Methodology,” Patrick’s research is using perceptual testing methods to understand how different audio processing effects quality.  

Patrick Flanagan

  THX is leading this research effort to establish an objective understanding of how to best render audio for spatial and 3d purposes, whether it is for Virtual Reality, gaming, music, or cinematic experiences.  If we can help the industry understand best practices for 3D Audio, we are confident that consumers will benefit in the long run by enhanced immersive experiences in any medium. According to Patrick, “We were thrilled to share our methodology and host the session at this event.  After many great talks about our current industry, it is clear that new research about spatial audio rendering and game development is essential. Many people were curious as to what comes next: results for our research will be available at the AES convention in Milan May 2018.” In addition to presenting the research methodology, Patrick chaired a panel with experts from Qualcomm, New York University, Harman International, and Delta Senselab.  The discussion was focused on the current and upcoming tools for perceptual evaluation of VR and Binaural rendering.  Overall, old methods of perception need to be adapted to this new experiential medium, and THX is excited to be at the forefront of the discussion.
Upcoming Events Catch THX at the following events: CineAsia – Hong Kong, Dec 11-14 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – Las Vegas, Jan 8-12 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) – Barcelona, Feb 22-26 2-18 Game Developers Conference (GDC) – San Francisco, March 19-23 2018