FujiSoft THX Certified Screening Room

FujiSoft THX Certified Screening Room

THX Certified Screening rooms blend the acoustic performance and aural impact of a THX Certified Cinema in a smaller room—ideal for critical screenings, business presentations, focus groups and editorial reviews. THX defines every aspect of sound and picture quality in its screening room program, from sound isolation and reverberation management to room acoustics and screen positioning.

Throughout the screening room construction process, THX provides extensive design consulting services. In addition, THX conducts onsite calibration to ensure the equipment is performing to its full potential.

Today, THX Certified Screening rooms are found at the Mayfair Hotel in London, the Sharp Screening Room in Japan and the Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif.

THX Certified Screening Room Requirements

The THX certification process focuses on:

  • Picture viewing angle and playback device
  • Speaker performance and placement
  • Ease of user interface
  • Calibration of audio and video product performance
  • THX does not specify room size or address the visual appearance of the room unless it adversely effects sound and picture quality.

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