THX pm3 Certified Digi Magic Studio

THX pm3 Certified DiMAGIC Studio

THX Certified pm3 (multichannel mixing and monitoring) Studios are ideal for motion picture pre-mixing and producing television programs, music, video games and other content for non-theatrical release. THX sets strict standards for pm3 studio acoustics, noise levels and production equipment performance, resulting in a technically flawless production environment for capturing multichannel soundtracks and high definition visuals.

THX pm3 Certified Studios can be found at Sony Computer Entertainment, the Cleveland Institute of Music and Fox Studios.

THX pm3 Studio Features

THX works with architects and designers throughout studio construction to ensure every detail of the room, as well as the equipment is performing to its potential.

  • THX tested and approved: All components in a THX pm3 Studio must be selected from a list of THX Approved products — which includes speakers from Mackie Designs and JBL.
  • Bass Management: All THX Approved mixing consoles and speakers incorporate parameters for the proper playback of multichannel audio in bass-managed consumer systems.
  • Consistent visual quality: colors, black and white levels, and textures are maintained as projects are transferred between disparate THX pm3 Certified Studio locations—providing editors and producers the confidence to make critical editorial decisions.
THX pm3 Certified Square Enix Studio

THX pm3 Certified Square Enix Studio

What Projects are Ideal for THX pm3 Studios?

A THX Certified pm3 Studio is designed for the creation of optimum sound and picture presentation for many different types of media.

    Audio Mixing & Monitoring

  • Authoring and mixing of game soundtracks
  • Pre-mixing and sound design for motion pictures
  • Authoring and remixing of Blu-ray and DVD soundtracks
  • Audio quality control for Blu-ray and DVD
  • Broadcast master control rooms
  • 5.1 and 7.1 music – high resolution playback for DVD-A and SACD

    Video Monitoring

  • Calibrated game workstations and presentation rooms
  • Movie to video telecine and video editing for Blu-ray and DVD
  • Video quality control for Blu-ray and DVD
  • Video broadcast production
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