THX Certified Video Calibration 1 is a one-day introductory course designed for those looking to join the ranks of professional calibrators. The course also serves as a prerequisite for THX Video Calibration 2, which is required before you are able to offer your clients THX Certified Video Calibrations.

Candidates who successfully complete the coursework and score at least 85 percent on the THX exam will achieve the title of “THX Certified Professional.” They will also be listed on the THX directory of Certified Professionals, among other marketing support materials.

Course curriculum includes:

  • History of TV Technology
  • Why We Calibrate
  • What Makes a “Good Image”
  • Signal Path and Optimization Strategies
  • Calibration Process
  • Contrast Ratios and Screen Uniformity
  • Geometry & Convergence
  • Contrast and Brightness
  • Introduction to Grayscale/White Balance
  • Color, Tint and Color Decoding
  • Sharpness and Enhancement Controls
  • Introduction to 3D Color Management