THX Home Theater 1 Professional Workshop

The THX Certified Home Theater 1 Workshop provides consumer electronics professionals with the knowledge and training to assist end users with the selection of home theater equipment, basic system set up and calibration.

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General Course Information

The cost for this single day hands-on workshop is $500. This includes practical home theater design information, a comprehensive course book, a certificate of completion and discounts on THX merchandise. Attendees must cover their own travel costs including airfare, hotels, parking, transportation and some meals.

THX Certified Professional Home Theater 1

Course Requirements

  • Attend the entire Home Theater 1 Workshop.
  • Pass the Home Theater 1 online exam within 3 weeks of your course date.

Course Duration

One day, 9am to 6pm. Plan travel generously to allow for possible traffic or other delays.

Detailed Agenda

  • Introduction to THX
  • Roots of the THX Performance Standards
  • THX Certified Display Program
  • THX Certified/Approved products
  • THX Technologies
  • THX Certified Venues
  • THX Certified Games Program
  • THX Certified Car Audio Systems
  • THX Optimizer
  • Introduction to the Behavior of Sound in Small Rooms
  • The Value of Understanding Acoustics
  • Room Reflections
  • Bass Modes
  • Noise Control
  • Room Isolation
  • Introduction to Home Theater Design
  • The Audio System
  • The Video System
  • System Set Up
  • System Verification and Calibration
  • Marketing your THX Certification
  • Market Research
  • Web Sites
  • Business Cards
  • Company Vehicles
  • Advertising
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