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THX bridges the gap between the artistic and entertainment communities by providing the engineering know-how to develop superior audio and video products and venues.

Professional Innovation

THX Training

Educational courses for custom installers, partners and retail professionals.

THX Certified Studios

Architectural and acoustic standards for award-winning mixing and mastering studios.

THX Certified Cinemas

Design standards and certification for the world’s premier cinemas.

THX Training Events

Check out the latest THX home theater training events in your area. 

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THX Home Theater 1 Professional Workshop

Immerse yourself in everything THX with this introductory, 1-day training course covering the theories and principles of home theater design, room acoustics and product certification.

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Speaker Layout and Baffle Wall

Unique to every THX Certified Cinema is the THX “baffle wall.” If you were to peel away the screen at any THX Certified Cinema, you will see a massive wall of speakers housed in an acoustic baffle (speaker system enclosure).

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THX Certified Cinemas deliver movies the way they were intended to be seen. More about THX Certified Cinemas. Find one near you:

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A THX Certified Installer can ensure that you are getting the most out of your entertainment experience. Find one near you:

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