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New THX Certification Will Help Post-Production Studios Provide Highest Quality Technical Services and Content Producers Ensure Color Consistency between Facilities

Amsterdam, Netherlands, (IBC Hall 7, Stand 7.K01), September 9, 2011—THX Ltd. today announced it will introduce a new THX Room Certification service for Direct View Rooms and Digital Intermediate (DI) theaters. THX critical viewing Room Certification will assure content producers that specific facilities—regardless of size or location—are capable of providing consistent quality for the most accurate performance, equivalent to the best in Hollywood. Building on nearly 30 years of experience in developing technologies and certification programs that help deliver the artist’s true vision from the lens to the viewer, THX’s new Room Certification will be a direct complement to its latest technology tools, THX cineSpace™ and THX Media Director™.

THX’s new Room Certification will comprise a set of standards for critical viewing room layouts of all sizes, including specifications for lighting systems selection and placement, wall coverings and equipment. The service will ensure that facilities are able to provide the best possible 2D and 3D viewing environments for creatives making critical color and image decisions for motion pictures, TV and commercials. Creative intent will be maintained as projects are transferred between different studio locations.

“The goal of THX’s new Room Certification is to provide post-production facility operators a way to differentiate their services. Projects will be truly portable, as clients will be able to hire the best creative talent for the job and be assured that the viewing environment is entirely consistent as the project moves through its various phases,” said Jerry Zernicke, director, Professional Services, THX. “We will be working directly with architects and designers throughout the facility setup process to ensure that every room detail is held to THX performance standards so clients will be able to offer absolute quality assurance to content producers.”

THX will be exhibiting at IBC and executives will be at the THX booth, located at Hall 7, Stand 7.K01.

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