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San Rafael, Calif., May 13, 2008 – THX Ltd. and the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) today announced the completion of the Robert and Jean Conrad Audio Control Room as a state-of-the-art THX Certified recording studio, the first in a music conservatory worldwide. In addition to achieving the coveted THX PM3 (Professional Multi-channel Mixing and Monitoring) certification, CIM has implemented Neural-THX Surround, a new technology for creating music soundtracks in 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound.

The THX PM3 certification program provides CIM students and faculty, as well as local, national and Internet radio stations, the tools to produce audio recordings and broadcasts so home audiences experience every nuance and detail of the sound mix as it was created in the studio. THX worked very closely with the CIM design team led by Alex Kosiorek, including Charles T. Young, P.C. Architects and the acousticians of Akustiks ( and RPG (, to precisely engineer studio acoustics, speaker layout and performance, and system calibration. Using newly THX Certified Lipinski loudspeakers, along with other fine audio equipment, the level of detail provides the ultimate environment for sound recording, mixing and mastering, and ensures a high level of creative and quality control during production sessions.

“THX works with some of the most prestigious studios in the world, including Skywalker Sound and Park Road Post in New Zealand,” said Robert Hewitt, vice president of sales at THX Ltd. “Our collaboration with the Cleveland Institute of Music is bringing these same exacting industry standards to a renowned music conservatory, providing tomorrow’s artists the perfect environment to learn and grow their talents.”

The addition of Neural-THX Surround technology allows CIM productions to be mixed in 5.1 surround sound and delivered via two-channel stereo to consumers around the globe. This is significant because it reduces the bandwidth needed by broadcasters to distribute surround sound programming to listeners. Currently, Neural-THX Surround is available in an estimated 70 percent of new audio-video receivers and is the surround sound technology of choice for XM Satellite Radio and The Classical Public Radio Network (CPRN).

“Our decision to invest in THX certification and Neural-THX Surround was very much based on our goal to offer students, faculty and staff great attention to quality and detail using cutting edge technologies,” said Alex Kosiorek, Director of Recording Services at CIM. “Along with our fantastic new recital hall (Mixon Hall), users can now experience a fabulous performance space and an unparalleled audio recording and mixing environment as well. Plus, our broadcast partners and those seeking the utmost in quality audio recordings will benefit by hearing performances in rich detail and envelopment through our use of Neural-THX Surround.”

The first broadcast performances using these new facilities will be on WCLV 104.9 FM, Cleveland this summer as well as on Many of the monthly CIM Live broadcasts heard on WCLV, featuring CIM students and faculty members, will also originate from this facility.

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The Cleveland Institute of Music is a leading international conservatory with graduates who perform with the world’s most acclaimed musical organizations, including 38 members of The Cleveland Orchestra. CIM’s conservatory student body is international in its composition and more than 3000 talented students have graduated in the Bachelors, Masters, Artist Diploma, Artist Certificate, Professional Studies and Doctoral programs. For more than 80 years, CIM has offered a world class education both at the Conservatory level and within the Preparatory Division. CIM offers hundreds of concerts each year for the community. Located in University Circle, Cleveland’s cultural hub, CIM is easily accessible to all music lovers.

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