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Elgin IL, September 29, 2009 – THX Ltd. and Quantum Data today announced they are forming a strategic alliance to jointly develop testing solutions for evaluating and improving HDMI device-to-device interoperability. The initial focus of this testing is to streamline the implementation of advanced HDMI features, including THX® Media Director™, a THX technology designed to simplify home theater equipment setup and operation.

THX and Quantum Data plan to offer a wide range of testing solutions to consumer electronics manufacturers, including functional, compliance, fault and interoperability. These testing methodologies will be designed specifically for Quantum Data’s suite of test instruments, including the 882E Analyzer and new PS-980 Protocol Scope, to allow CE manufacturers to rapidly implement Media Director metadata and other HDMI enhanced features into products, as well as enable interoperability between manufacturer brands.

THX Media Director turns digital media into smart content that communicates directly to a consumer’s AV components, enabling the devices to dynamically configure themselves for an optimal playback experience. The Media Director technology can be integrated into HDTVs, AV receivers, set-top boxes and other media playback devices.

With the increasing focus on HDTV video quality and performance, Quantum Data also plans to integrate proprietary THX video test patterns into its new portable 780 instruments and related private label products, such as the Sencore MP500. These patterns, which are designed to evaluate image and signal processing quality, are intended to help custom installers and video calibrators further enhance the home entertainment experience.


Headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, Quantum Data, Inc. provides test instruments that help manufacturers and service providers bring next-generation video, audio, and control products to market – faster and without interoperability problems. Quantum Data instruments can be found in the design laboratories and production facilities of leading consumer electronics and information technology manufacturers worldwide. Quantum Data instruments – sold under private label to other OEMs – can also be found in installer’s tool sets.

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