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The Olympics: An Evolution of Technology

There are few events as epic in scale and international excitement as the Olympic Games. Every four years stars of track and field or slopes and ice, compete to achieve legendary status.

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What Makes Panasonic’s New GT50 THX Certified Displays So Special?

On April 11th Panasonic launched a seven-week 15-stop North American tour designed to give consumers a chance to experience Panasonic’s 2012 line-up of home entertainment, digital imaging, home appliance and personal care products, including its latest THX Certified GT50 series 3D televisions.

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Sharp goes big, looks great, with new Elite THX Certified 3D LED LCD TVs

The introduction of the Elite line of TVs marks a unique collaboration between Sharp and Pioneer. Featuring innovative technologies, including THX certification, the Elite brings excellent black levels, amazing detail and incredible depth to the home entertainment experience.

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THX 3D Certified Displays at CES at 2011

THX 3D Certified Displays and Home Theater Projectors deliver 3D movie experiences with the stunning depth and detail found in 3D movie theaters. Offering the industry’s first and only benchmark for 3D quality, THX is dedicated to ensuring home theater enthusiasts have a no-compromise 3D experience.

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