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THX and Sontia: Partnering to Bring Big (Quality) Audio to Small Devices

The growing popularity of mobile devices is changing the landscape of consumer entertainment. With 50 percent of adult Americans owning either a smart phone or a tablet or both, according to a recent Pew Research report, the television is rapidly ceding ground as the device of choice for entertainment.

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When does 4K Matter?

Over the past few months, leading CE manufacturers began announcing the availability of new Ultra HD televisions capable of displaying 4K content. You might have already read articles either outlining why you should invest in an Ultra HD set, or on the opposite spectrum, why Ultra HD televisions are not necessary for the average consumer. So when does it actually matter if your television’s resolution is 4K versus standard high definition?

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LAS VEGAS (CES 2013 – Renaissance Hospitality Suites #530 and #539) – January 8, 2013 – THX Ltd. today announced its THX® 4K Certification program, which features newly developed tests and parameters to ensure that the latest 4K HD televisions are able to present content in full Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD) resolution with image clarity far superior to that of conventional HDTVs.

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THX Speaker Bar Certification Brochure

For consumers who crave power and performance of movie and music sound systems in a convenient, integrated speaker and subwoofer combination, THX customized standards and benchmarks specific to delivering a solution to this growing need in the market.

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SAN RAFAEL, CA. – December 6, 2012 – THX Ltd. today announced official dates and times for its annual THX Certified Home Theater education classes for installers, retailers and enthusiasts at CES 2013. THX will offer its training courses on January 11-13, 2013, directly following the show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

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THX Certified Projector Brochure

THX certification is the only performance benchmark recognized by professionals and consumers alike, and is reserved for best-in-class home theater projectors. THX Certified projectors deliver exquisite, natural textures and film-like movie experiences.

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THX Certified Display Brochure

THX Certified Displays endure up to 600 laboratory tests to ensure they deliver movie experiences with the stunning clarity and detail found in the studio. As the only performance benchmark for TVs, THX certification is reserved for TVs with best-in-class picture quality.

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THX Certified AVR Brochure

THX has collaborated with AVR manufacturers to provide home theater fans numerous groundbreaking THX Certified products. With THX certification, AVRs promise to recreate high impact cinema sound and fidelity in home theaters and media rooms.

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THX Certified Loudspeaker Certification Brochure

Engineered to be best-in-class and designed to deliver audio exactly as created by filmmakers and musicians, THX Certified Loudspeakers deliver the ultimate audio performance to any room.

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THX CE Certification Brochure

Over the past 30 years, THX has certified thousands of movie theaters, post-production facilities, sound mixing rooms, consumer electronic devices, DVD/Blu-ray titles and games. It is this level of involvement within the content community and commitment to genuine reproduction that makes THX an expert in translating artistic intent to audiences worldwide.

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