THX Certified AV receivers and pre-amplifiers feature a number of proprietary technologies, all designed to accurately present movie, music and game soundtracks in the home.



Many movie soundtracks are mixed in studios for playback in large cinema auditoriums with an array of speakers. When played on home systems, they may appear abrasive and edgy. Re-EQ establishes a more accurate tonal balance when enjoying movies in your home.

THX Timbre Matching Technology

Timbre Matching

Your ears hear different tonal qualities in sounds coming from different directions. Timbre Matching restores the frequency balance between your front and surround speakers—ensuring seamless and smooth panning between the front to back of the room.

THX Boundary Gain Compensation Technology

Boundary Gain Compensation (BGC)

Sitting near a wall may result in distorted bass response. BGC corrects the way low frequency sound is perceived when seated near a wall. This results in a more true and accurate bass response.

THX Adaptive Decorrelation Technology

Adaptive Decorrelation

Adaptive Decorrelation changes one surround channel’s time and phase relationship with respect to the other surround channel, expanding the listening position and creating the same spacious audio experience at home as in a movie theater.

Other THX Receiver Technologies

THX Certified Receivers also feature THX Adaptive Speaker Array technology, which establishes surround sound modes for movies, music and games, and THX Loudness Plus for enjoying surround soundtracks at lower volume levels.