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THX Certified Displays: (left to right) LG LE9500 LED LCD, Panasonic TCP65VT25 Plasma

In the studio, every shadow, color and detail is carefully adjusted to deliver the right mood and impact. Only THX Certified plasmas, LCDs and projectors, featuring THX Movie Mode, let you recreate this experience at home with the push of a button.

THX Certified Projectors: (left to right) JVC DLA HD750, Epson PC 950, Runco Q-750

What does it mean to be THX Certified?

It means each TV and projector has gone through a rigorous design and laboratory testing process, which includes more than 400 data points to ensure exceptional image quality and signal processing performance in your home theater.

What are the Key Benefits of THX Certification?

  • Exclusive THX Movie Mode: Comes as close as possible to reproducing the HD Color Standard used by filmmakers in the studio with THX Movie Mode.
  • Smooth motion for every type of content: THX certification improves de-interlacing and scaling performance, ensuring smooth motion for action-oriented content.
  • Optimized video scaling: Presents all content in the best resolution possible, including standard definition video.

Color, Black Levels and Beyond in Your Home Theater

Sports fans and home theater junkies often complain of jaggy lines and image softening when a TV’s motion becomes too intense. THX works closely with manufacturers to minimize these types of distracting artifacts, letting you experience clean, smooth motion and vivid colors with every frame.

Discover the latest products from LG, Panasonic, Sharp, JVC, Epson, Runco and other partners to come off the THX Test Bench.

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