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M&K Sound & THX Ltd.

For nearly 40 years M&K Sound has been building loudspeakers used in post-production studios and screening rooms around the globe, including THX Certified Skywalker Sound where they were used in making Star Wars Episodes I, II and III. Collaborative efforts between M&K Sound and THX have created loudspeakers revered by professionals and home theater enthusiasts for dynamic range, vocal clarity and powerful bass.

Product Spotlight: THX Ultra2 Certified M&K Sound S300 Series Loudspeaker

Designed to be the big brother to the S150, the new THX Ultra2 Certified M&K Sound S300 loudspeaker is set to become the new studio reference standard in the production of Hollywood’s biggest films. Great care and pride was taken in the engineering of these loudspeakers to ensure they deliver the most accurate and lifelike sound possible. Custom made Scan-Speak drivers and cast tweeter waveguides result in fantastic linearity even at high volume. These speakers endured more than 400 THX laboratory tests, measuring everything from frequency response to power handling, in order to deliver crystal clear audio and best-in-class performance. Manufactured in Denmark, the S300 will be available worldwide in April 2014.

  • THX Ultra2 Certified – Designed to recreate the cinematic or music listening experience in home theaters of 3,000 cubic feet in size and a viewing distance of 12 or more feet. THX Certified speakers reproduce music and movie soundtracks exactly as they were heard in the studio.
  • Studio Volume – THX Certified speakers are also tested to confirm they meet “THX Reference Level” volume and fidelity. This ensures that the soundtrack is experienced at home exactly as it was produced, with matching audio levels that were used in the studio in which it was mixed.
  • Controlled Directivity – This is a design feature of THX Certified speakers—for all types of audio content—that ensures dialogue is clear and ambient sounds are enveloping.

Product Spotlight: THX Ultra2 Certified M&K Sound X12 Powered Subwoofer

The M&K Sound X12 Powered Subwoofer utilizes two identical drivers mounted in a push-pull configuration to improve bass output while maintaining low harmonic distortion. The structurally rigid sealed enclosure helps deliver a flat in-room response of below 20 Hz with great precision and transient speed. The Ultra2 Certified 12 inch model is designed for use in large living rooms or home theaters of approximately 3,000 cubic feet in size.

To learn more about M&K Sound and its product offerings please visit www.mksoundsystem.com