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LG is the first to introduce U.S. consumers to OLED Television technology. The LG 55EA9800 is not only the first OLED TV available for purchase in the US, it is the world’s first THX Certified OLED display. Its revolutionary curved design, 4.3mm thickness and a carbon fiber back panel make this 55 inch model a stunning work of art.

A THX partner since 2008 LG continues to develop top performing displays designed to meet the rigorous standards of THX Certification. Analyzing panel performance, color and motion processing, THX and LG engineers put this model through more than 600 THX laboratory tests make certain it provides the picture quality of a professional post production studio display.

THX Certified LG 55EA9800 curved OLED Display

THX Certified LG 55EA9800 Features:

  • 4 color pixel: LG’s advanced 4 Color Pixel technology adds an unfiltered, white sub-pixel to the traditional red, green and blue. The result? A brighter picture with a wider range of colors and superior color accuracy
  • Color Refiner: LG OLED TV’s internal Color Refiner layer further improves the consistency of color reproduction across the entire image. As a result, the picture is more natural and pleasing to the eye
  • SmartTV: Skype, Vudu, Netflix, Youtube, Yahoo! Widgets, and more
  • THX Display Certification: Featuring THX 3D Cinema Mode and THX Bright Room Mode

The THX Certification Advantage

Filmmakers work hard to bring their vision to life. When their films are mastered in the studio, the color, black levels and other video parameters are carefully monitored and adjusted so that movies play back a very specific way in the home. THX certification helps recreate the filmmaker’s vision in your living room.

  • THX Certified image quality: LG TVs are designed and tested to meet the rigorous THX standards for image quality and signal processing performance
  • Studio color, out-of-the-box: THX Movie Mode comes as close as possible to reproducing the HD Color Standard used by filmmakers in the studio
  • Optimized settings for ambient room lighting: THX Bright Room Mode sets luminance, black levels, gamma and backlighting for typical bright room conditions

LG THX Certified Bag

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