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A partner since 2004, Crystal Acoustics launched its first THX Select Certified Loudspeaker with the goal of manufacturing high-quality loudspeakers for audiences around the globe.

Crystal Acoustics Loudspeakers

What sets Crystal Acoustics loudspeaker systems apart, is their innovative design coupled with their acoustically engineered frames and building materials. Starting at the top of the main towers and center speaker, the external twitter rotates, so it can be aimed towards the exact listening position. The ultra-thin protective fabric frame, allows for a wide, yet focused stereo image without drawing attention to the speakers themselves. Furthermore, the full-range nature of the main towers, allows all Hi-Fi affictionados to enjoy the benefits of THX Certified performance for serious music listening.

Crystal Acoustics now offers a range of both THX Select and Ultra2 Certified loudspeakers and subwoofers. One of their latest products to achieve THX Ultra2 certification, is the powerful TX-12SUB12”* subwoofer. Boasting 200 watts of power and a flat response between 20Hz to 200Hz, this subwoofer compliments any home theater set up.

THX Certified Crystal Acoustics Reference T3-7.4 UL Loudspeakers System

Product Spotlight: Reference T3-7.4 UL Loudspeakers System

Engineered for THX Reference Level power, the Reference T3-7.4 UL loudspeaker system delivers smooth, rich audio performance. Features include:

  • THX Select Certified: With 2 subwoofers, this speaker system has achieved THX Select certification performance.
  • THX Ultra2 Certified: The 3 ½-way right and left floor standing towers with 4 subwoofers, gives you THX Ultra2 certification performance. Click here to find the THX certification performance category that best fits your room needs
  • Frequency Response: Flat frequency response of +/-1.5dB
  • Innovative Design: Top mounted, rotating tweeter with electronic protection

*For THX Ultra2 certification performance, four TX-12SUB12” subwoofers must be used with placement in the middle of each wall. This set up helps guarantee the best possible SPL in the lower frequency range, as well as offering the most effective standing wave control. Visit the THX Home Theater Guide for more information.

For more information about Crystal Acoustics, visit www.crystalacoustics.com.