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Teufel System 5 THX Select Speakers

Teufel System 5 THX Select Speakers

A deep understanding of the filmmaking process and surround sound is at the very heart of every THX Certified 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker system. Engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers, THX recreates the tonal balance of the filmmaker’s final mix in your living room. The result? Action sequences are impactful, and dialogue-driven moments are natural and engaging.

Benefits of THX Certified Speakers

  • Crisp, clear sound fills your room: THX Ultra 2, Select2 and Multimedia speaker certification categories deliver amazing performances based on your room size.
  • Intelligible dialogue and ambient sounds: THX Certified Front Speakers feature Controlled Directivity, both vertically and horizontally for the best audio experience wherever you sit.
  • Smooth panning from your TV: THX Certified Surround Speakers feature THX Technologies to ensure the best possible playback experience.
  • Powerful studio volume: THX Reference Level delivers studio volume and fidelity with low distortion and noise.
  • Easily mix and match brands: With a single standardized bass configuration, you can easily and confidently use any THX Certified product together.

A Mighty Subwoofer

Movies, music and games are featuring more deep bass elements than ever before. To accurately recreate the roar of the jet engine or the sound of a freeway bridge collapsing, THX certification requires bass from all channels, including LFE, be redirected to the subwoofer. For this reason, THX Certified Subwoofers must extend to 20Hz (-6dB) to handle the very highest bass levels with ease.

In-wall and In-ceiling Speakers

THX Certified In-wall and In-ceiling speakers deliver the appropriate frequency response and high output and imaging quality of a traditional box speaker. This provides the best of both worlds—THX surround sound performance from components that blend harmoniously with any room decor.

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