Home Entertainment

Filmmakers and musicians take you on a journey, pulling you into the story and evoking emotions through dialogue, music and sound effects. THX Certified receivers, amplifiers and pre-amps are designed with exclusive home theater technologies and features to bring out every nuance of a storyline, with the raw power of a surround sound cinema experience or live recording session.

The Benefit of THX Certified Receivers

  • Crisp, clear sound fills your room: THX Ultra2 Plus, THX Select2 Plus and THX I/S Plus certification categories deliver amazing performances based on your room size.
  • Powerful studio volume: Set your THX Certified receiver to “0” on the volume dial, and experience the exact Reference Level volume used in the movie theater.
  • Effortless performance: THX performs more than 2,000 Bench Tests, to ensure that your receiver plays effortlessly with plenty of power and low distortion in your home theater.
  • Loudness Control: THX Loudness Plus lets you catch every detail of a surround sound mix when the volume is lowered.
  • Easily mix and match brands: With a single standardized bass configuration, you can easily and confidently use any THX Certified product together.

How THX Certification Works

From early design concepts to product rollout, THX works with its manufacturing partners at each step of product development. Every detail is meticulously mapped to the THX performance standards. And THX engineers spend countless hours testing and analyzing each product for sound quality, usability and interoperability.

The result of this collaborative process is a THX Certified receiver, amplifier or pre-amplifier designed from the ground-up to present your favorite movies, music and other games in 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound loud and clear at studio reference volumes.

Discover the latest products from Onkyo, Integra, Pioneer, Acurus, Meridian, Anthem, ADA, Halcro, JBL Synthesis, and other partners to come off the THX Test Bench.