Home Entertainment

Connecting your home theater components together is the last step before enjoying your favorite movies, music and games. When upgrading your system, it is critical to make sure every home theater component is performing to its fullest.

THX HDMI cable certification includes a series of electrical tests to ensure the integrity of the HD signal is maintained from device to device without introducing digital artifacts and noise. This protects you from any unexpected surprises once your home theater system is installed, connected and engaged.

What are the Benefits of THX Certified HDMI Cables?

  • Pristine source signal: Ensures the source signal is never degraded.
  • Thoroughly tested: Ensures the highest standards for quality and usability across specific cable speeds and distances.

Monster THX Certified HDMI Cables

The new family of high performance Monster THX Certified cables for HDMI is available in three different speeds: High Speed 700 (10.2 Gbps); Ultra High Speed 900 (13.8 Gbps); and Ultimate High Speed 1000 (15.8 Gbps).

Find a THX Certified Cable to meet your needs.