Big Audio, Smaller Package

Introducing the world's smallest THX Ultra 2 Certified 5.1 Speaker System, packing the same THX Ultra2 sonic punch at two thirds the size of previous Teufel systems. Learn more

Big Audio, Smaller Package

How Audio Is Meant To Be Heard

THX Certified home audio products are engineered to be best in-class and designed from the ground-up to deliver the true impact of movie, video games and music experiences. The goal is simple - THX wants AV receivers, preamps and speakers to perform as good as the equipment used to create the content.

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THX Certified Speakers

Speakers engineered by THX let you experience every bass note, sound effect and dialogue exactly like it is mixed in the studio.

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THX Certified Receivers

The uncompromising THX standards and exclusive THX technology features deliver cinema volume and fidelity with no distortion.

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THX Certified Cinemas deliver movies the way they were intended to be seen. More about THX Certified Cinemas. Find one near you:

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A THX Certified Installer can ensure that you are getting the most out of your entertainment experience. Find one near you:

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Learn how you can get the THX Experience in your own Home.
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THX Technologies

Learn more about the Technologies that drive THX Certified Products.

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