2010 Lincoln MKT Video Tour and Demo

The Speed of Sound

A push of a button fires up your THX surround sound experience in 2011 Lincoln vehicles. Musical instruments dance about, and a powerful sound stage rises, pulling you into a space that feels bigger, more impressive. The quiet acoustics of the cabin bring out every nuance of your favorite music. Bass notes thump, vocals sing and the noise of the road is left a few exits back.

THX and Lincoln are transforming your daily commute. THX II Certified Audio systems in 2011 Lincoln vehicles start with the quietest cabin in its class. From there, THX builds a system rivaling all others with strategically placed speakers, optimized acoustics and advanced THX sound technology.

Why is a THX Certified Car Audio Surround Sound System Better?

Lincoln and THX offer something for everyone. Audiophiles can enjoy true 5.1 surround sound from DVD-Audio discs and DVD Movies. CDs deliver uncompressed music that mirrors the recording studio, and USB-connectivity brings your digital music library to life.

Home theater-like sound is provided by a 12-channel amplifier that delivers more than 600 watts to precisely placed speakers. A center-channel THX Slot Speaker array provides a broader sound image and better control of how music is distributed throughout the vehicle’s acoustically engineered cabin.

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