The THX Story

Born out of the Star Wars legacy and tied to world’s most acclaimed filmmakers and home entertainment products, no other brand resonates with consumers as deeply, and with greater trust than THX.

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The THX Story

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How Do Products Get THX Certified?

The THX testing process usually begins early in product development. Manufacturers ship samples to the THX Testing Lab in Northern California where a team of expert technicians carefully analyzes each sample and produces reports on their findings.

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The Story of “Deep Note”

The famous THX crescendo, Deep Note, is like no other audio mark in the world. But where did it come from?

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THX Certified Cinemas deliver movies the way they were intended to be seen. More about THX Certified Cinemas. Find one near you:

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A THX Certified Installer can ensure that you are getting the most out of your entertainment experience. Find one near you:

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Learn the fascinating history behind one of the World's most beloved brands.

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