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BENEFITS of THX Spatial Audio Content

  • Greater immersion with sound playing all around you
  • A more nuanced listening experience where vocals and instrumental details come to life
  • Realistic acoustics ensure an intimate experience that imitates how music sounds in a live venue


THX works directly with artists and festivals to transform conventional audio soundtracks into fully immersive 3D audio experiences over any pair of headphones.


Designed to meet the needs of the growing virtual music listening trend, the THX Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing mix is a custom tuning that immerses listeners in the music by simulating the way audio sounds live at a club. Fans have a heightened, realistic experience, as if sitting, or dancing, front row at a private show.

The THX Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing Tuning has been used to enhance events like the following music festivals:


In addition to virtual music festivals, THX has launched albums, EPs and singles rendered in THX Spatial Audio with various artists.

THX Spatial Audio Beauz

BEAUZ, a DJ/producer duo known for being the genre-bending pioneers of Psy-Pop in Electronic Dance Music. The THX Spatial Audio rendered BEAUZ VOL 1 EP is available on the BEAUZ YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

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Maggie Song by Jeremiah Fraites Spatialized by THX

JEREMIAH FRAITES, of Lumineers fame released a special version of “Maggie” from his album Piano Piano, available to stream and download

Maggie by Jeremiah Fraites
Information Society THX Spatial Audio

INFORMATION SOCIETY, One of electronic music’s most influential bands, return with ODDfellows, the very first complete album to be released with a headphone version rendered in THX Spatial Audio.

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