THX and Razer bring THX® Spatial Audio to the Blockeley Music Festival

Blockeley Music Festival

Graduates around the world deserve a party, which is why RAZER and THX have teamed up with the Blockeley Music Festival to bring the THX® Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing Mix to Minecraft! 

On May 16 and 17, grads around the world can log into Minecraft, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch to stream some of the best EDM artists from around the world as they perform in a virtual version of UC Berkeley’s Greek Theater. Audience members who listen with a pair of headphones will get a chance to experience the two-day festival with our THX Spatial Audio technology.

THX Spatial Audio is our immersive technology that takes stereo or multi-channel content and puts a circle of sound around the listener with deep, booming bass and crisp, detailed highs, making for an immersive experience that rivals music played at their favorite night club or live music festival. The Cloud Clubbing tuning brings a heightened realism to virtual festivals with acoustics that recreate the natural environment of the performance.

The Blockeley Music Festival is our second dive into digital music festivals. In April, we debuted THX Spatial Audio for Music at the Room Service Music Festival, where it received a fantastic response from fans, and we are thrilled that we get to do it all again so soon. 

If you want to check out the music festival, grab your headphones and click any of the following links for the Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram Live feeds. For the full Minecraft experience, head over to the Blockeley Music Festival website for the server info. Specifically, look for sets from the following artists for a THX Spatial Audio experience: BEAUZ, Vini Vici, Matoma, Sam Feldt, Brooks, EDX, Vicetone, Giraffage, Dannic, Cash Cash, Medii, and Ben Potts. 

If you have an entertainment experience that could benefit from the deeper immersion available with THX Spatial Audio, we want to hear from you! You can reach us here.

In the meantime, keep dancing and congrats to grads everywhere!