THX brings THX Spatial Audio to the Ocean Meets Music Festival and Valorant Tournament

Ocean Meets Music Festival

THX is working with another music festival and gaming tournament for a good cause and providing much-needed entertainment for all those sheltering in place. 

The Ocean Meets Music Festival is a benefit concert and video game tournament on July 18 to help save the Vancouver Aquarium, which has fallen on hard times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual festival-goers will hear the 14+ musical acts mixed in THX Spatial Audio‘s Cloud Clubbing Mix, which provides a life-like, immersive sound over headphones that’ll happen all around them as if they were partying in their favorite night club or music venue. 

But we’re not stopping the party there. Before the music festival kicks off, the Ocean Meets Music Festival will host a Valorant Tournament between the artists, professional gamers, and influencers. All of whom will experience our brand-new THX Spatial Audio app for Windows 10. If you missed the news, THX teamed up with our friends at Razer to develop an app that puts our immersive sound technology around gamers when using their favorite set of headphones. If you want to hear the difference THX Spatial Audio can make in your favorite PC game, head over to the Razer website for a free trial.  

As a company, THX is thrilled to support another festival that’s providing entertainment while helping a great cause like the Vancouver Aquarium – if you’d like to donate, you can do so directly at this link. But this unique opportunity is an excellent example of how versatile and flexible THX Spatial Audio is as a platform. On the one hand, THX Spatial Audio and its Cloud Clubbing Mix provide music lovers with a rich, immersive sound with clear highs and booming lows. And on the other, the THX Spatial Audio app gives gamers an immersive experience where virtual worlds sound and “feel” real. 

If you’re curious to learn how THX Spatial Audio can benefit your next music event, video game, movie, or TV show, we want to hear from you! Follow this link for our contact info

And we hope you check out the Ocean Meets Music Festival on July 18 at the following links