THX, Room Service Music Festival bring immersive THX Spatial Audio to EDM

THX, Room Service Music Festival bring an immersive THX Spatial Audio experience to Electronic Dance Music for the first time

THX has teamed up with the Room Service Music Festival to bring THX Spatial Audio, specifically the THX Spatial Audio Cloud Clubbing spatial setting, to quarantined EDM fans all over the world. On Sunday, April 26, audience members will hear immersive DJ sets THX tuned to sound and feel as if they were listening at their favorite club or festival. Virtual concertgoers can expect a rich, full-bodied sound with crisp detail and deep bass that’ll happen all around them if played over headphones. 

Room Service Music Festival lineup

THX Spatial Audio for Music and the Cloud Clubbing mix is built around the renowned THX Spatial Audio technology that provides an immersive, realistic experience by rendering stereo and multi-channel content around the listener. THX Spatial Audio works across all device categories, from high-end speakers to smartphones, and can enhance a wide range of content, including EDM. 

THX is a proud sponsor of the Room Service Festival because unprecedented times call for innovative solutions. That’s why we’re expanding our expertise in audio-visual technology into virtual events and spaces. If we can improve the quality of these experiences, we can help audiences everywhere make the best of the situation. And in that sense of comradery, we’re proud to team up with the Room Service Music Festival because our entertainment goals align while also raising money for those who’ve been directly affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The Room Service Festival is raising money for Sweet Relief, a nonprofit helping entertainment professionals whose livelihoods have been slashed by the slew of event cancellations, and Feeding America, a nonprofit providing funding for food banks and community pantries across the country. If you want to donate directly to either Sweet Relief or Feeding America, click the links above. 

If you want to hear what THX Spatial Audio can do for music, check out the Trap Nation stage on the Room Service Music Festival website or on Youtube starting at noon on Sunday. 

If you want to learn more about how to incorporate THX Spatial Audio into your event, drop us a line on this page.

In the meantime: Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, stay home if you can, listen to some music, and keep dancing.