THX Component Certification and Our Partnership with Claridy Audio

Outlaw Sub X13 You may already be familiar with the THX Certification program for end products. You’ve seen the “Certified by THX” label on entertainment devices, and you know it stands for superior A/V quality. This past year, we’ve taken it a step further, bringing our world-class engineering expertise to the component level by testing and certifying the individual components that go inside the end product. THX is working with partners to design better systems across four key metrics: 1) Optimal performance: does the system deliver professional-quality audio/visual experiences right out of the box? 2) Superior quality: is the system “top of the line” compared to competitive offerings in the market? 3) Seamless integration: does the system work well with other products, even ones that don’t meet our specifications? 4) Tested inside-out: 400 separate tests to ensure sound and picture quality are fully preserved. Better components, better products, better sales The “Approved by THX” program offers a first-time opportunity for top-tier original design manufacturers (ODMs) to build superior audio and video quality components that meet high performance requirements. This results in higher demand for the ODMs’ components and a faster path to THX Certification for the designer of the end product. Outlaw Ultra X13 THX Approved components endure application-specific laboratory testing to predict their performance when used in actual consumer products. Using THX Approved components in end product design provides huge advantages, making it easier to achieve certification for the overall product and get the coveted “Approved by THX” label on the box. When customers see that label, they know they’re getting a product that will truly bring the artists’ full vision to vibrant life. Implementing THX Approved components also accelerates product development and time-to-market while minimizing testing costs and engineering cycles. The end result is a system that’s been rigorously tested and is guaranteed to deliver optimal audio/visual quality, one that customers will love and can command a higher price on the shelves. THX and Claridy: Creating superior audio experiences Claridy Audio is a world-renowned manufacturer of loudspeakers, subwoofers, portable audio devices, audio electronics, amplifiers, soundbars, HTIB, and more. Over the last 21 years, they’ve built a strong reputation for creating award-winning audio components. Claridy’s products are perfect candidates for the THX Certification program, and we’re proud to announce them as one of our initial ODM partners. Their first “Approved by THX” component is a powerful subwoofer designed for Outlaw Audio, the Ultra X-13. It’s the first subwoofer built using THX Approved drivers, and had a successful debut at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more on Claridy Audio and THX Certification We’ll get into more details about Claridy’s Ultra X-13 in a future blog, giving you all the speeds and feeds and showing you just how great an advancement it is in the subwoofer category. We’ve also got a lot more to say about the THX Certification program for both components and end products, so keep your eyes on our blog for more updates coming soon.