THX Launches Upgraded THX Spatial Creator with New Motion Feature for Creators to Add the Thrills of Synchronized Immersive Audio to any mix! 

THX Spatial Creator empowers musicians to add   realism to audio tracks with Motion Sync and Room Pre-sets

Exclusively Available on Plugin Alliance Marketplace, THX Spatial Creator Now Available with a Must Have Host of New Features 

San Francisco, California, June 27, 2024 — THX Ltd., a world-class high-fidelity audio and video tuning, certification, and technology company, and Plugin Alliance, the go-to online marketplace and distribution partner for analog-modeled audio plugins, today launched version 1.1 of THX® Spatial Creator, a digital audio workstation (DAW) plugin compatible with most any DAW. THX Spatial Creator version 1.1 boasts a host of new features that enhance the immersive audio quality of the music and videos created with it. For example, with a key new feature creators can automatically synchronize any motion preset to match the tempo of their project or song’s beats per minute (BPM). The result is a quick and efficient way to add spatial detail to music mixes and video or podcast audio tracks that are immersive and completely synchronized with the rhythm as intended by the artist.   

“It has long been THX’s mission to empower artists,” said Mike Henein, director of product development, THX Ltd. “Mixing your music in immersive audio formats provides a plethora of benefits for you and your audiences. It enhances your creative expression, increases listener engagement and future-proofs your music. Download THX Spatial Creator today and start mixing. We are confident your listeners will thank you for the results.” 

THX Spatial Creator version 1.1 offers five new motion modes, and six new room presets, and even adds 4K resolution monitor support, giving creators more dynamic options and tools to build their content and help bring their concepts to reality to delight their audiences.  When using the new tempo-based motion “Sync” feature, any preconfigured motion pattern will automatically synchronize to the project or song’s beats per minute. The sound source will automatically follow these preset patterns, like a circle or oval around your head, or left-to-right or front-to-back auto-panning. The Run control can operate in both “Free” motion which lets the creator manually start and stop the motion, and now also in “Sync” mode for auto-synchronizing to beats per minute. The creator also can have even more control by automating the Source Parameters to generate increasingly interesting and complex motion effects, which might include the sound source alternating between static and actively moving.  The enhanced Acoustic Parameters offers four sets of controls: HRTF (head related transfer function), Size, Room, and Filter. These controls allow for customization and fine-tuning of the virtual room, gain controls, room presets, and tonal characteristics of the spatialized content. Also, an extensive new list of preset rooms has been added including Large Club, Concert Hall, Wine Cellar, Live Drum Room, and Podcast Speech to quickly get the creator to the desired effect.     

THX Spatial Creator was first introduced last fall (introduction video here) and empowers artists to convey immersive narrative elements. Immersive audio music mixes can make the listener feel they are surrounded by the instruments and by the artist. This can create a euphoric sense of being enveloped by the music, intensifying the impact of the song. For videos or movies, take a romantic scene, for example, where intimate whispers that feel like they are right in the listener’s ear, can evoke a strong emotional response now that audio elements can be positioned more authentically in the virtual acoustic dome. 

To help creators promote their spatial audio content using THX branding, they have access and permission to use the official THX Spatial Creator logo. This can be used to promote their work on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other sites ensuring listeners know they have mixed the content for the THX® Spatial Audio immersive experience many audiences are looking for. Artists and producers looking to promote their work made with THX Spatial Creator are also encouraged to tag THX’s various social media accounts.   

THX Spatial Creator is available at Plugin Alliance for an MSRP of $249. Check regularly for special pricing. Creators who have already downloaded THX Spatial Creator version 1.0 can download an updated version on the Plugin Alliance site here as well. 

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