What “Certified by THX” Means for Home Theater

Certified by THX Home Theater
Home Theater Deep Note A lot has changed since home theaters first came onto the scene in the 80s. If you’ve been a home theater aficionado since the beginning, you probably know how and why having the “Certified by THX” label on your equipment means you’re getting the highest video and audio quality for every component that goes into your entertainment setup. But with so many products on the market now claiming to be superior, many newer home theater buyers don’t know what to trust. Home Theater HD So how can you be sure you’re getting the best equipment before you buy? Is the “Certified by THX” label just another marketing ploy like so many others claiming to be “the best”? No. Here’s why: The “Certified by THX” mark guarantees the product has been rigorously tested and has proven to consistently produce an uncompromised home entertainment experience. So what exactly goes into the THX certification process? What sets THX Certified products apart from the rest? Read on to find out. Home Cinema Deep Note 2 Optimal performance Above all else, our tests ensure the highest possible performance for home entertainment devices. We only certify products that provide a truly cinematic experience, blurring the lines between your living room and a movie theater. We work with our partners to ensure that every component within the system works together to create sharp, hi-res visuals or crisp, dynamic sound. THX certification testing image 1 Seamless integration We know you aren’t going to rip out your entire existing home entertainment system and replace it with THX Certified products tomorrow. You’ll buy components a few at a time, as needed. That means your new equipment will need to work easily and seamlessly with your older devices. We test products to ensure that they do just that – delivering a high standard of entertainment even when paired with equipment that doesn’t meet our specifications.

Panasonic THX Certified

Panasonic Native 4K Blu-ray Cinema Quality Player with 4K Upscaling, 4K Streaming & Built-in Wi-Fi – DMP-UB900

Superior quality Here’s a secret: a lot of the home theater products on the market don’t meet our standards. When you see a “Certified by THX” label, it’s no rubber stamp—it means the product inside delivers superior quality, consistently and reliably. Tested inside and out Four hundred. That’s on average how many tests a product typically has to pass before we’ll certify it. Nobody tests for picture and sound quality as rigorously as we do. We believe that the content seen on your screen and heard through your speakers should match the creators’ original vision. THX Certified products are guaranteed to bring art to life through technology like nothing else on the market. video testing image 1 Learn more about our programs THX offers certification for a wide variety of devices. Check out the links below to learn more about a specific program, and see how we’re helping consumers like you enjoy the highest levels of A/V quality.