What TV Size Should I Buy?

“No one ever complains about buying a TV that’s too big.”
- John Dahl, THX Jedi Training Master

According to THX Certified Professionals, most consumers regret going too small with their TV purchase. Think about it. Are you happy with the TV size you picked out? Do you dream at night about that 50-inch THX Certified, Panasonic Plasma-beauty that you left behind at Best Buy?

Choosing the appropriate size TV size for your home comes down to seating distance—how far you sit from the screen. If you buy a massive TV and sit three feet away, you’re going to be staring at pixels and lines. If you buy one that’s too small, you won’t get an immersive visual experience in your living room.

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To determine the best seat-to-screen distance in your room, THX recommends dividing the diagonal screen by .84. For example, a plasma or LCD TV with a 65-inch screen divided by .84 equals a 77-inch viewing distance (6.5 feet). This should create a 40-degree viewing angle from your main seating position – filling your line of sight with the best visuals possible.

If your TV is going in a living room with limited space, THX recommends the following guide:
  • 32 inch class TV = 3.5-5 feet away
  • 42 inch class TV = 4-6 feet away
  • 50 inch class TV = 5-7.5 feet away
  • 60 inch class TV = 6-9 feet away