It seems like every time you turn on a cable channel, some design expert wearing leather pants and purple rimmed glasses is hanging a beautiful new flat panel TV high on a wall above a fireplace. While this might be aesthetically pleasing to an interior designer, it is not always the best advice for maximizing your viewing experience.

When mounting your new TV at home, think about the appropriate viewing angle. If you mount the TV too high on a wall, you will be constantly looking up to watch the programming, just like sitting in the front row of a movie theater. If it’s too low, you will be constantly looking down at the screen.

The experts at THX believe that you should have a clean line of sight to the display, without looking up more than 15 degrees or down more than 7 degrees. In a dedicated home theater, a good rule of thumb is to mount your TV in a direct line of sight from the primary seating positions. It should be high enough so those sitting behind you can see over or between those sitting in the front row.

Do it right, and TV mounting won’t be a pain in your neck.

Refer to the THX HDTV Set Up Guide or consult your THX Certified Professional for more details.