Looking for a holiday gift that is sure to impress? Look no further than THX Certified Home Theater Equipment. THX has vetted the best of the best A/V equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Although THX may not be able to cook your holiday feast – bringing home some of the latest and greatest THX Certified gear will be sure to nip the frost from Uncle Jack’s nose and put a big smile on his face.

THX Certified Video Gear

Throughout the year, THX engineering elves have been busy testing gear – not once, not twice, but more than 400 times – from manufacturers such as LG, Sharp, Panasonic and TiVo to make sure the products meet THX performance standards. Gaining THX 3D display certification means that each device is put through a rigorous design and laboratory testing process – covering more than 1,000 data points to ensure exceptional image quality and signal processing performance for consumer’s holiday home theater festivities.

Elite PRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD
In a joint venture between Sharp and Pioneer came the amazing ELITE LED LCD. In addition to being THX 3D Certified with THX Movie Mode, this display offers all the cutting-edge features: LED full-array backlighting, 240 Hz refresh, RGB+Y sub-pixels and active 3D. Thanks to built-in WiFi, the ELITE also offers web video streaming from Blockbuster, CinemaNow and Netflix.

Available in both 60 and 70-inch models, the ELITE is available through specialty retailers.

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LG LED LCDs and Plasmas
LG offers the best of both worlds – THX 3D Certified LCDs, as well as plasmas. The LW9800 LED LCD features 480 Hz refresh, an IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD panel, passive 3D, and LG’s “NANO” Full array LED backlight.

The PZ750 and PZ950 plasma models feature LG’s “Borderless” design, along with their NetCast web streaming portal (featuring Netflix, VUDU and more).

Every THX Certified Display from LG includes THX Cinema Mode, which delivers the closest thing to a pre-calibrated video setting right out of the box.

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Panasonic VT30 and GT30 Plasmas
Panasonic’s VT30 and GT30 series are THX 3D Certified, offering plasmas ranging from 50 to 65-inches. Both lines feature Panasonic’s Neo Plasma technology with fast switching phosphors, 600Hz Sub-field drive and advanced filters. Using active 3D technology, they also feature VIERA Connect – connecting users to Amazon Video, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Netflix and more.

As a bonus, the VT30 adds 24p Cinema playback (96 Hz) and additional calibration options for the THX Certified Calibrator.

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TiVo Premiere Elite
The TiVo Premiere Elite features not 1, but a 2-terabyte hard drive that can store over 300 hours of programming. The four tuners can record four different programs while you watch a fifth.

And, just so consumers never run out of shows and movies to enjoy, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster, Hulu Plus and Netflix, are all integrated. The TiVo App for iPad/iPhone lets consumers control the DVR, but when used with the TiVo Desktop Plus software, users can transfer files from the TiVo Premiere Elite and watch them on a portable device.

THX Certified for audio and video performance, the TiVo Premiere Elite includes THX Optimizer – an easy to use calibration tool to fine-tune color, black levels and other settings for the best possible picture performance.

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THX Certified Audio Gear

Looking for great audio performance to compliment a stunning picture? Logitech, Onkyo and Teufel all offer incredible products that deliver THX Certified performance to fit everyone’s budget and help ring in the holiday cheer in style.

Onkyo Receivers
A receiver is the heart of a home entertainment system – and Onkyo offers an amazing line-up of THX Certified models. The TX-NR609 is THX Select2 Plus Certified, has 6 HDMI inputs, and outputs 100 watts from each of its seven channels. The TX-NR709 ups all that to 110 watts per channel and 8 HDMI inputs. The TX-NR1009 adds two additional channels and an extra 25 watts for all 9 channels. The big TX-NR5009 goes all out with THX Ultra2 Plus Certification, 145 watts for all 9 channels, a 192K/32bit Burr-Brown DAC, and an independent toroidal power supply.

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Teufel Cinebar 51 THX
The THX Certified Speaker Bar program is designed to compliment any display with a powerful sound experience – and the Teufel Cinebar 51 THX does just that. With two 4-inch woofers and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter on each side, the Teufel Cinebar 51 THX is sleek, wall-mountable and comes with a powerful subwoofer to complete the system.

Developed with ease of use and a great out-of-holiday-box experience in mind, the THX Certified Teufel Cinebar 51 THX is currently available online across EMEA regions.

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Logitech 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems

For superb desktop audio, check out Logitech’s THX Certified Z623 2.1 Speaker System. It’s got 200 watts of power, a big subwoofer for all the bass, and the controls are right on the speaker for easy access.

The Z906 5.1 Speaker System brings big surround sound to the desktop. Each satellite gets 67 watts, while the 8-inch sub gets 165. All the sats have identical 3-inch drivers for a cohesive soundstage.

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Let THX know if you have any THX certification questions to help you with your holiday shopping list.