On May 4th, Star Wars fans throughout the galaxy rejoiced at the news that LucasFilm and 20th Century Fox would be releasing the complete saga on Blu-ray Disc this coming September. As an added bonus, all 6 films will be THX Certified for audio and video quality. The certification of these discs marks an almost 30 year relationship between THX, LucasFilm and Fox that dates back to 1983, when audiences got their first taste of a THX Sound System at the box office debut of Return of the Jedi – which also marked the introduction of THX Deep Note.

As audio and video materials are mastered and encoded for optical disc, many things can go wrong, resulting in degradation to image and sound quality. This is where THX comes into play, working closely with the LucasFilm team to ensure that each film maintains every bit of artistic and technical detail as the sound and visuals move through the post-production chain.

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What is THX Blu-ray Disc certification?

THX analyzes each frame of a movie’s visual images, comparing them to the high definition master to make sure they retain the sharpness and detail found in the original elements. It doesn’t end there. The audio elements are also fully evaluated to make sure they meet studio reference levels and remain faithful to the master recordings.

This certification process allows THX to pinpoint any digital artifacts or flaws prior to the mass production of the disc. The result? A perfect Blu-ray Disc for your home theater.

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