THX Ultra 2 Certified Teufel System 8

THX Ultra 2 Certified Teufel System 8

Who says bigger is always better? The German speaker manufacturer, Teufel, has been quietly producing some of the world’s best THX Certified Speaker systems for more than a decade. Now, they are claiming a “THX world’s first”: the smallest THX Ultra Certified Speakers ever manufactured.

The recently announced Teufel System 8 THX Ultra 2 speaker package is the tiniest THX Ultra 2 Certified 5.1 system on the market today. Why is this important? To accurately recreate the roar of a jet engine, THX certification requires subwoofers extend to 20Hz (-6dB) to handle the very highest bass levels. However, this often means that THX Certified Subwoofers are really large.

Teufel took on this design challenge and spent several years in the laboratory developing a sub that was two-thirds the size of its previous Ultra2 system—with the same level of THX performance!

The Teufel System 8 is designed from the ground-up to deliver THX Reference Level sound pressure (85 dBC with 20 dB of headroom) in large home theaters with a +12 foot viewing distance from the TV or projection screen. With low distortion and crisp, clear THX Reference Level sound, Teufel and THX are delivering a smaller, more elegant design that still delivers the goods.

The bad news for U.S. audiophiles? For now, the Teufel System 8 is sold exclusively online to consumers in Europe.