On May 25, 1983 “The Return of the Jedi” premiered in theaters. And with it, a new tradition was born. The crescendo of a now iconic rumble filled auditoriums and the message presented on screen was simple. “For the past 35 years motion picture loudspeaker systems have not changed. Lucasfilm Ltd. and this theatre are pleased to introduce a new motion picture sound system.” And with the crescendo of Deep Note reaching its climax – THX was born.

For more than 28 years THX trailers have been a part of popular culture as the symbol of the fun and excitement of the movie-going experience. But, the trailers also serve a functional purpose. They not only demonstrate the dynamic range and frequency response of a THX Certified Cinema’s surround sound system and acoustics, they also let audiences know that they are in a cinema environment that has been designed and tested to present films they way filmmakers intended.

Over the years, THX trailers have spanned a wide range of creative approaches and have been developed by world-class creative teams, including Pixar Animation Studios, which conceived the lovable, animated character, Tex, for the trailer of the same name in 1996. There have been numerous theatrical trailers created since the release of “Wings” in 1983, with the most recent being a revival of the quintessential “Broadway” trailer – released for 3D auditoriums in 2010.

THX Trailers:

“The Simpsons”
TEX 2: Moo Can
“Broadway 2000″
“TEX Action”
Amazing Life
“Broadway 3D”

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