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    THX Onyx Firmware Updates

    Latest Firmware: 8640
    Release Date: June 25, 2021
    Release Notes: Bug fixes

    A macOS updater tool is in development

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    What Is THX Onyx

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    Troubleshooting Your THX Onyx

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    My LEDs are always blue during playback. How can I get them to change color?

    • Are you using Tidal on Android? Follow our setup guide to login to Tidal from USB Audio Player Pro
    • THX Onyx will show a different color of LEDs whenever playing high resolution music formats such as: 
      • PCM (blue LEDs)
      • PCM > 48 kHz (gold LEDs)
      • MQA (magenta LEDs)
      • DSD (red LEDs)
    • Examples of high resolution music include:
      1. Tidal HiFi Master tracks (requires the highest-tier Tidal subscription)
      2. Amazon Music HD tracks (requires the highest-tier HD subscription)
      3. Qobuz Studio tracks
      4. High resolution files you purchase from (we recommend to choose .WAV format in 88.2 or 96 kHz and 24-bit depth when available)
    • If listening on PC, first configure Windows for optimal performance with THX Onyx per this PC setup guide, otherwise skip this.
    • Find the guide specific to your app and your device among the user guides and resources below, and follow the configuration instructions. Usually this involves making an exclusive-mode link between THX Onyx and your playback app for bit-perfect playback. 
    • Ensure you’re playing from a playback app, and not a web browser. Web browsers often down-sample audio to lower resolution.
    • Finally, ensure you’re listening to high resolution audio. To get started, we recommend trying the Free Trial with Qobuz or Tidal, following our user guides below.

    Why can’t I use THX Onyx with the larger Apple “Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter?”

    • To use Onyx and lightning devices (iPhone or iPad), we recommend the slim Apple Lightning Camera Adapter. Please don’t use the larger USB3 Camera Adapter since it’s incapable of providing adequate power to THX Onyx, and depending on your headphones impedance and listening volume this may cause THX Onyx to shut down.

    THX Onyx - Apple Dongles

    Why isn’t my headset microphone working with THX Onyx and iPhone?

    • Apple has restricted microphone support on their lightning to USB adapters in some circumstances. Therefore, THX Onyx microphone function will not work on iPhone for many apps e.g. phone calls and some video calls (although Zoom works!). If you make a phone call the iPhone will switch over to its speakerphone mic.

    The sound isn’t right or I can’t get my microphone to work

    • Unplug THX Onyx USB
    • Replug your 3.5mm headset connection to THX Onyx, making sure you push it all the way in.
    • Replug THX Onyx USB to your device. Sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds for your device to recognize Onyx.

    Note: THX Onyx microphone is not supported on iOS lightning adapters (an Apple-imposed restriction). THX Onyx mic is supported on iOS devices with native USB-C ports such as iPad Pro with USB-C.

    THX Onyx Status Indicator Lights:

    THX Onyx will show a different color of LEDs whenever playing high resolution music formats. Verify that you see the proper LED color codes with THX Onyx during playback.

    Magenta lights mean you are listening through a service that supports MQA and high-resolution audio.

    THX Onyx New Status Indicator

    Check out which apps are compatible with THX Onyx

    THX Onyx supports ALL standard streaming and player apps at the highest resolution, such as:
    • Spotify, Apple Music HD, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc.
    • YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, etc.
    • Audible, Podcast apps, etc.
    • VLC Player, USB Audio Player Pro, Foobar2000, Audirvana, Amarra Roon, Vox Player, etc.
    …and many more! THX Onyx uses universal USB Class 2 audio drivers and is widely compatible.
    Note: THX Onyx can support the highest 2ch resolution supported by both the playback app and playback device.
    For MQA and high resolution music playback, below are some popular apps that work well with THX Onyx. This is not a complete list!

    THX Onyx app compatibility

    THX Onyx Setup

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