THX Certified Viewing Modes

THX Viewing Modes are prebuilt into displays and allow consumers to get the optimal viewing experience for their standard and high dynamic range (HDR) content.

THX Cinema Mode

Delivers a faithful rendition of film content to match the details and colors intended by the creator, while maximizing playback for cinema-quality performance in the home.



  • Studio Brightness and Color Levels
  • Correct White and Greyscale Performance
  • Removes Excessive Video Processing
  • Precise Color Gamut Limits


THX Game Mode

THX Game Mode delivers impactful visual performance to reveal vivid detail in a game while keeping the fast responsiveness that serious gamers demand.



  • Bright Colorful Images
  • Fast 120 Frames Per Second
  • Low Latency From Control to Screen Action
  • Improved Dark to Light Rise-time
  • Judder and Smear Reduction Options
  • Automatic Sensing of Game Content


THX Bright Room

THX Bright Room Mode builds on the THX Cinema Mode with adjustments to luminance, black levels and gamma for viewing in bright environments.


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