THX® Spatial Audio: Surround yourself with immersive sound

The life-like sounds of planes flying overhead, distant echoes in caves and cars whizzing past you on the street: bring true-to-life realism to favorite movies, TV shows, and video games, across headphones, mobile phones, laptops, speakers, and other consumer electronics devices with THX® Spatial Audio.

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THX AAA: You’ve gotta hear it to believe it

THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™) ensures the ultimate no-compromise headphone audio experience by delivering the world’s highest fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise, distortion, and power consumption.

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Infinitesimally low levels of distortion

Patented feed-forward error correction topology that nulls conventional distortion mechanisms.

Enables maximum output power

Enjoy greater dynamic range and sound pressure level (SPL).

Customize your setup

A convenient modular solution which includes power supply, and can operate from a single 3.6V battery.

Realistic, fatigue-free listening

Reduction of harmonic, intermodulation, and crossover distortion by up to 40dB.

Extended Battery Life

Minimal bias current and highly efficient power management to optimize and extend device battery life.

Scalable and flexible

Allows incorporation into any headphone amplifier design, with the flexibility to match the required fidelity, output power, and price point.

THX assures the best possible experience for your on-the-go entertainment.

From headphones to mobile phones to laptops and beyond, get higher audio and visual fidelity than you ever thought possible.

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THX® Certification

THX® Certification is a true seal of quality. We bring the same rigorous testing process to mobile devices that we do to home theater equipment to ensure an optimal entertainment experience.

THX Mobile Certification
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THX® Headphone Certification

The THX Headphone Certification program combines industry recognized standards, extensive research and testing with leading headphone experts, and work with audiology PhDs, to create a set of specifications and criteria to define a reference headphone performance standard that faithfully reproduces the content creator’s intent.

THX Headphone Certification
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Tuned by THX™

Get the best possible out-of-the-box experience. Tuned by THX™ mobile devices have been carefully tuned and calibrated by THX engineers to maximize the performance of devices across all price points.

Tuned by THX


THX® Distributed Bass is a DSP and measurement-based low-frequency optimization process designed to normalize bass levels for all home theater or vehicle seating positions.

THX Distributed Bass


THX® Loudness Plus™ is a DSP and measurement-based volume control technology that automatically enables the rich details of surround sound in home theaters and vehicles at any volume level.

THX Loudness Plus

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