Listen with headphones to experience THX Spatial Audio using higher-order ambisonics.

Deeper Immersion and
Incredible Realism

We’re transforming traditional audio experiences into unbelievable 360° sound. THX Spatial Audio enhances stereo and surround sound to deliver next-generation audio that intensifies 3D soundscapes in all forms of entertainment.




Get right in the middle of the story with enhanced streaming, broadcast, and recorded movies paired with next-gen spatial audio that blows surround sound out of the water.


Level up your gaming audio with enhanced communication, more detailed soundscapes, and better control of your gaming sound. Whether it’s a magic chest with an extra life or a sniper at 1,000 paces away, you’ll get accurate audio to heighten your senses and your gameplay.


Expand the soundstage of your favorite track to hear the greatness in the details of every instrument, as if you were sitting front row at a show just for you.


Get the most out of Ultra HD broadcast with amazing detail and control. Zoom in to the part of the game you want to hear and turn off or adjust the commentator at will.

360° VIDEO AR and VR:

Enjoy pinpoint accuracy of immersive entertainment like never before. THX Spatial Audio provides true-to-life sound reproduction all around you.


Learn how the THX Spatial Audio Platform can be seamlessly integrated into your products.


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Razer Kraken


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